Soup with Smashed up Chips?


hmm… this vegetarian business is odd. Last night I had soup with smashed up home-made chips. So first I spent time making the chips, then I made them soggy by smashing them in liquid.

But it was worth it!

Like many people (especially in Britain, I think), I have grown a bit tired of Jamie Oliver’s omnipresence. Until I come across one of his new┬árecipes and his share of my cookbook collection increases. Again.

My 8-year-old daughter is a big fan of his (The 15 Minute Meals) and when I saw an article in the Sunday papers with a recipe from his new book, I glanced at it. And started salivating straight away, as that is the effect the combination of coriander, tomato and chickpeas have on me. I ALWAYS have those things in my kitchen.

There are no links to the recipe, so here is my abridged version for 2 people (large bowls):

1 Sweet potato cut into chips, and tossed in oil + ground coriander. Bake for 30 mins at 200C. Add a handful of tortillas the last 5 mins

Tomato soup: I used 2 cans of tomatoes (Jamie uses fresh tomatoes), simmered with coriander stalks, spring onions, garlic and fresh chili. Then add 1 can of chickpeas (with liquid).

To serve: pour soup into bowl, then smash chips and tortillas into it. Scatter chopped coriander (leaves), spring onions and chili, add a wedge of lime.

In the words of J.: It’s so good, you don’t even miss the meat. Result!

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  1. Have do you get a handfull of tortillas?looks very good indeed,and appetizing,but anything would coming from my “naked chef”

  2. I’m jealous if your 8-year-old eats dishes including both chilli and coriander – would that ours did!

    1. Oh don’t worry Deb, mine doesn’t either (although my 3 yo does). Miss C is a total veg and fruit refusenik, but we are slowly improving… For now, it’s usually 2 dinner services: one for the kids, and one for us later. Not ideal, but otherwise there are too many factors involved!

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