TGIF? More like WIIF*

*WIIF: Why Is It Friday?

My beloved Veg Box failed to get delivered on Wednesday. Isn’t that just karma: the week I turn vegetarian!

So provisions were running low and with a few stray mushrooms and wilted cavolo nero, I made this rather delicious omelette for lunch. Along with a rucola salad with a vinaigrette with blended fresh figs.


I don’t know about your Friday evening habits, but ours are pretty cosy: first the wee ones eat their favourite food in front of a DVD, and once they are tucked up in bed, we do the same. Different food though. And different DVD.

As a last salute to meat (remember, I’m a Reluctant Vegetarian), last Friday we had my favourite chicken wings: marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, crushed up bay leaves and garlic. Just bung it in the oven and 45 minutes later, it’s… I was going to say ‘finger licking’ good’, but that phrase is taken. More-ish. It’s oh so more-ish.

Friday is always ‘junk food’, finger food, dip stuff in other stuff food, kick back and hardly do any cooking food. And a beer or a glass of wine.

But if this vegetarian thing is to detox my body, then I’ve decided to forgo alcohol and coffee as well. Wait a minute, I have just realised I haven’t been as cranky as I feared I would be! Maybe check with the rest of the family if that’s true, though.

After 6 days of vegetarianism, I do have to say that I haven’t had a single boring meal, I felt full after each of them and I haven’t missed meat once. And that is a BIG thing for me.

But tonight, I wish I could sit on my old sofa and just eat loaded nachos, shawarma from across the road or maybe some lovely charcuterie and cheeses and one of the 2 lovingly home-made pates sitting in the fridge (not home made by me, but by a friend whose speciality it is. More on this in a later post)

Instead, for once we will order take-away. Something from the Indian sub-continent, so there is a wide range to choose from. Saag aloo. Dhal. Pakora. And fizzy water.

Tomorrow I’ll gladly eat plants again, but tonight I miss dead meat.

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