Welcome to my kitchen, excuse the mess!

This is where I have fun creating new dishes, putting together family favourites, listening to cheesy or classical music. Where our kids sit on the worktop. One will munch on raw broccoli while the other watches in disgust, but both are eager to help. Where my husband is always happy to help clean up, but also cook his signature dishes.

There is no heating in my kitchen as there’s usually something cooking away. Our neighbours in the building say they love the smells wafting out from under our front door.

From the sink, I can see the lovely seasonal fruit and vegetables on the window sill. This is where most pictures are taken as it’s the only natural light. And through the window, I can see the beautiful communal gardens of our West London block.

Come in, keep your shoes on. Have a glass of wine and a chat.

Have kitchen, Will Cook.

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